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Stunner - electric hand held with built-in metering

The Poultryman Handheld Electric Stunner has been successfully used for many years. It can be used for stunning all types of poultry, prior to bleeding or dislocation.

The stunner has been designed for ease of use, providing an effective stun, time after time.
This model is fitted with both voltmeter and ammeter to fully comply with current legislation.
There is no specific maintenance, and correct operation can be simply checked at any time.
The stunner is protected from the demanding environment of the slaughterhouse; with the IP55 control box, and the fully insulated handset.
The handset delivers 130 volts, across the specially designed pads. There are two types of stunner pad available, with a choice of two fitting positions; thus making the stunner suitable for all sizes of bird.
Electric Hand Held Stunner

Technical Specification:

The stunner comprises of: 
Wall-mounted control box, 2 metres of mains cable, connected to a 13 amp plug.  
The control box has a 2 position switch, and warning lights.
Linear scale meters display volts and amps during stunning.
The stunner handset, with a 2 metre cable, fitted with a plug, and interchangeable stunner pads.

Input voltage             240V. Fused 1A
Output voltage          130V. Fused 1 A (+ and – 65V on each pad)
Transformer rating      120V A
Control circuit            48V
Stunner pad              Pin or stud type
Voltmeter display       0-300V RMS linear scale
Ammeter display        0-1.5A RMS linear scale 


Download the data sheet please click here