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Bleeding Cones – Chicken (In-Line)

This design of bleed station is ideal where space is limited. Birds can be loaded and stunned individually or as one batch, depending on the method of plucking. The open front of the trough enables easy access for stunning and bleeding and the high splash back prevents blood from splashing adjacent walls or equipment. A single drain point is incorporated in the trough.

The station can be manufactured with between 3 and 8 cones, to suit specific requirements.

The individual cones are removable.

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and then galvanised.
In Line Bleed Cones

Technical Specification
Dimensions -
3 Cones 820mm long
6 Cones 1510mm long
8 Cones 1990mm long
The height and width of all stations are 1200mm and 450mm respectively.

Individual Cones -Diameter at top 195mm Diameter at bottom 100mm Height 235mm 

Download the data sheet please click here